WM2003 (generally) and WM5 compatible.

This program is used to provide some command line control of the Communication features of your PDA.

It's not complete, it's a research tool for the not so feint-of-heart, since it currently has no graphic interface. You will have to create shortcuts to the various features that you require, but this means that you can easily integrate it with your Wisbar setup, hardware keys or whatever your imagination can come up with!

It currently supports the following command lines:

 Bluetooth Control:  
 -blueon   Enable bluetooth
 -blueoff Disable bluetooth 
 -bluetoggle Toggle bluetooth 
 -bluediscoveron Make bluetooth discoverable 
 Audio Gateway Control:  
 -agon Enable audio gateway Audio Channel
 -agoff Disable audio gateway Audio Channel
 -agcon Enable audio gateway Control Channel
 -agcoff Disable audio gateway Control Channel
 WiFi Control: (WM5 Only)  
 -wifion Enable WiFi
 -wifioff Disable WiFi
 -wifitoggle Toggle WiFi 
 Infra Red Control:  
 -iron Enable Infra Red "receive beams"
 -iroff Disable Infra Red "receive beams"
 -irtoggle Toggle "receive beams"
 -radioon Enable radio (phone connection)
 -radiooff Disable radio (phone connection)
 -radiotoggle Toggle radio (phone connection)
 Data Connection:  
 -gprson Make data connection (eg dial gprs)
 -gprsoff Break data connection
 -gprstoggle Toggle data connection
 -status Display Status messages

At this time status messages are very basic. I intend to add some form of GUI later, but for now, you'll know if you will find this tool useful.

Command line parameters can be combined within reason

eg \program files\vijay555\vjvolubilis\vjvolubilis.exe -iron -blueon -wifion
will enable infra red receive mode, bluetooth and wifi.

can be used to pass audio from some WM5 devices to a paired bluetooth headset, so hopefully you can listen to music etc over your headset without too much voodoo. This code is not widely tested (ie I lack hardware and time), but please email or report in the forum if you have success or failures, and which hardware and software it worked with.

Please note - I'm not sure what success you will have in transferring audio over, and whether or not it works on WM2003. The Magician at least lacks the hardware/software support for you to listen to music in this way, but on the Universal etc, it should permit this.

Bluetooth actions only work on the out-of-the-box Microsoft Bluetooth stack at this stage. I may investigate other stacks later.


This software is free. However, if you find it useful, a small donation via paypal is always appreciated.

Please post comments on my forum, or on the XDA Forum.

Release info: 
v0.1   06.02.2006   Initial version
v0.2  08.02.2006  Better status messages
     Wizard Wifi Support (untested)
 v0.21  08.02.2006  Minor update to status info
 v0.3  27.03.2006  Added radio switching (-radiotoggle)
 v0.4  12.04.2006  Added data connection toggle (-gprstoggle)

NOTE: Feel free to link to this or any of my pages anywhere you want, but please don't distribute the software directly. I need to keep track of releases and updates etc.

Copyright Vijay555 2006

download Download the cab file