VJLumos II

This program is for the Magician only for now.
It can be used on the Universal to turn on the extra bright screen, but you can't disable it for now. Please wait for an update.

This application can be used to cause the screen of the PDA to go extra bright - brighter then normal maximum brightness!

Unlike the old and toxic VJLumos, VJLumos II is hard reset safe. It won't cause a hard reset (I hope!).
However, if you launch the camera while you have VJLumos II enabled, it WILL cause a soft reset, so disable it before using the camera.

Usage is very simple install VJLumos (please use the default installation folders or the example shortcuts will not work).

Launch VJLumos II and put on your sunglasses :)
Use -off to disable it (eg before starting the camera)

VJLumos II can install a notifcation event, so that every time you switch on the Phone, you will automatically get SuperBrite.
Remember to -remove before uninstalling VJLumos II or you will get error messages.


 Command Line Options  
 (none)  Enable SuperBrite
 -off  Disable SuperBrite
 -install  Install automatic PowerOn fix
 -remove  Remove automatic PowerOn fix

The default shortcuts will only work on English language OS in the default install folder. Please edit the shortcuts for non English versions.

Please post comments on my forum, or on the XDA Forum.

Release info: 
 v0.1   26.02.2006  Initial version

NOTE: Feel free to link to this or any of my pages anywhere you want, but please don't distribute the software directly. I need to keep track of releases and updates etc.

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download Download the cab file