BETA: Fullscreen terminal services.

WM2003 and WM5 compatible and works in QGVA or VGA, landscape or portrait.

It's a beta. In that, it's got issues and it's not final.
I'm going to add scrollbar hiding and some navigation bits and bobs and some other stuff.

Usage is easy, but this is only for advanced users right now for reasons forthcoming:
Load VJFullscreenTSC. I recommend putting it in your Start Menu or assign it to a hardware button.

On launching you'll see a small (TINY) little indicator in the top left corner: some blue dots. Thing is, this thing overlays on the start button to be discrete, but occassionaly it gets covered over with the start button again and you lose it. If you do, bring up your start menu somehow and if you've got a task manager, switch to VJFullscreenTSC and you should see the little dots.

Ok, launch Terminal services client. (If you choose fullscreen TSC from the VJFullscreenTSC menu, it should launch terminal services automatically).

Login to your server and get into the TSC viewer.

Once you're there, click on VJFullscreenTSC. This should bring up a menu.
Choose Fullscreen TSC and you should be in business. I hope.

Once you're in fullscreen, you don't have the time, so I've stuck time and power on the menu.
Close TSC will allow you to end your TSC session.

Exit exits VJFullscreenTSC.

Ok, that's all hopefully sensible.

Please give feedback. Like I said, scrollbar hiding and navigation stuff to come, this is just a test for you guys to start using. Bells and whistles later.


In use:

In Use:

Using onscreen keyboard:

Using transcriber to enter text into Dreamweaver:


This software is not for commercial use, and not to be distributed. Please only link to this site, not the files!
Contact me for further details.

Version Info:
 v0.1  Intial test version (20 November 2005)
 v0.2  Slightly new version fixing inaccessible SIP on WM2003
 v0.3  Scrollbar hiding and some navigation control
 v0.4  Pops up navigation menu if you load VJFullScreenTSC a second time
 v0.46  Attempting to fix scroll bug and SIP visibility issue

When the scrollbars are hidden, use the VJFullScreenTSC menu to navigate around if you're in QVGA.

ISSUES: v0.46 is an interim release. A future version will remove scrollbars completely and replace them with a navigation control. They can be ignored for now. v0.46 is only tested on the VGA HTC Universal. Other devices may have other issues.

If you like this software, feel free to send me
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download Download the v0.4 cab file
download Download 0.46 beta - please load and then toggle OFF scrollbars to have a nice fullscreen