WM2003 and WM5 compatible.

This program is used to soft reset, hard reset, toggle display, toggle LEDs (possibly!) and get Uptime for your PDA.

Note: it will hard reset. Please use this carefully.

eg VJEschaton soft noconfirm
will soft reset with no confirmation.




Beta version:
For no good reason at all, I've tried to implement a sleep/power off mode.
Now I'm not really sure how well this works, but theoretically it should near enough power off your Intel PDA (eg Magician, Universal etc) (not the Wizard/OMAP devices).

Note, this is not standby, but power off, like taking your battery out and reinserting. Good for when you need to power down for some time and save battery (eg trekking through jungles, flying on a plane etc).

It'll make some weird screen garbage for a second while powering off - that's intended.

Also - your phone will only turn back on properly with a Soft Reset (ie poke your soft reset button). Pressing power button will half switch it on, but why would you want to do that?

- If you reset button doesn't work, don't try this.
- If you have anything you're not prepared to lose on your PDA, do a backup first (although I have tested it thorougly on my Magician and Universal safely).
- Save data before using it!

Use this feature with the command line

You can override confirmations with
-sleep -noconfirm

There's also a memory usage indicator, start menu cleaner (cleans the TaskSwitch registry settings, but isn't 100% effective) and an alpha release memory compacter. These last 3 features are still in progress.

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Release info: 
 v0.1  28.01.2006  Initial version
 v0.11 30.01.2006 Fixed bug in uptime on WM5
 v0.12 08.02.2006  Implemented hard reset for HTC Universal - awaiting feedback
 v0.13 08.02.2006

 Implemented hard reset for HTC Wizard - awaiting feedback

 v0.2 09.02.2006 Beta release of some test features like Power Off (called 'sleep' mode)

NOTE: Feel free to link to this or any of my pages anywhere you want, but please don't distribute the software directly. I need to keep track of releases and updates etc.

download Download the cab file

download Download beta exe of v0.2