WM5 compatible - HTC Phones only

This program is used to permit control of the flash light on various HTC Phones, to allow it to be used as a torch etc.

Note: this app may will cause permanent damage to your flash led over prolonged periods.
The app will disable itself after prolonged use, but still, use it at your own risk.

I cannot confirm what hardware it will work on, other then the Universal phone.
Please report by email or in my forum if you have success or failure.

VJCandela can be used as a stand alone tool or through the command line.

Use the Flame icon to enable the torch. Press and hold to enable (with your fingers perhaps).
Use the Lock icon to enable a lock. This will keep the torch on until you disable the Flame.
Use the Display icon to disable the display to save power.
Drag on the title bar to move the window.

Pressing a key on the keyboard will close VJCandela (for instance, if you have the display off).

Use VJCandelaLite if you want no GUI. Just launch it using the same command lines or a hardware key.


 Command Line Options 
 -on Enable Torch
 -off Disable Torch
 -hwkey Use this mode when assigning to a hardware key button in Settings
 -override Override auto-off timer
 -about Show about box

VJCandela can be assigned to the Backlight Key on your Universal by creating the following key in your registry and copying the contents of a similar entry over:


Please see here for more details of how to do this, and other devices.

The default shortcuts will only work on English language OS in the default install folder. Please edit the shortcuts for non English versions.

Please post comments on my forum, or on the XDA Forum.

Release info: 
 v0.1  19.02.2006  Initial version
  20.02.2006 Fixed cab and made VJCandelaLite
 v0.2 22.02.2006 Added -screen mode (VJCandelaLite) and possible Wizard code
  26.02.2006 Fixed Centering (VJCandela) and some drawing issues
 v0.3 21.05.2006 Added auto-off timer

NOTE: Feel free to link to this or any of my pages anywhere you want, but please don't distribute the software directly. I need to keep track of releases and updates etc.

This software is shareware.
If you find it useful, I would be very grateful if you could make a payment, any amount you consider appropriate. Please click here to make a payment. I need to buy new and more advanced development tools; proceeds will go towards those costs!

download Download the cab file