This is very specific in use. You don't need it, I'm sure.

VJBrisk is a small .exe file that can be used to replace another .exe.
eg, If you want to change your (for example) Inbox.exe application and make it launch a third party email application, but the Inbox.exe is somehow hardcoded into a skin or application, then rename VJBrisk.exe to Inbox.exe, and replace the old Inbox.exe with the new one. VJBrisk will then allow you to launch whatever app you want to, instead of Inbox.exe.

However, the magic of VJBrisk.exe is that it will itself then launch a file called (for example) VJBriskEXE.exe, or a shortcut called VJBriskLNK.lnk that exists in the same folder as itself. So if you make a second shortcut with your actual third party inbox program, VJBrisk will launch that.

Ok - what's new:
1. People used to have problems with the old VJBrisk.exe if they wanted to replace multiple target applications, as you could only have one VJBrisk per folder.
This is no longer the case.
You can rename VJBrisk.exe to anything you want, and keep multiple copies in a folder.
Eg, say you rename VJBrisk.exe to TomTom.exe.
When you launch TomTom.exe, it will search for TomTomEXE.exe or TomTomLNK.lnk in the target folder, and execute that app.

So VJBrisk will now recognise that you have renamed VJBrisk, and search for [NEW NAME]EXE.exe (for an executable file) or [NEW NAME]LNK.lnk (for a shortcut).

In this way, you can have as many VJBrisks in a folder as you want, each with a custom name and target.

2. VJBrisk will now pass the command line passed to IT, on to the target application. Eg, If Stocks.exe is launched with command line
"Stocks.exe NBC", then VJBrisk will try to launch
"VJBriskEXE.exe NBC".

Please remember, you will have to rename shortcuts you used to use with the OLD VJBrisk.exe to VJBriskLNK.lnk, instead of VJTarget.lnk.
Apologies, but that's the cost of the new flexibility of supporting unlimited VJBrisk redirects in the same folder.

As an added bonus, VJBrisk will pass parameters to a shortcut, and also merge parameters from a shortcut to a shortcut before launching the target shortcut.

A. Make a shortcut to VJSipSwitch with the command line parameters "key", and call it VJBriskLNK.lnk
B. Make a shortcut to VJBrisk.exe with command line parameters "board"

Launching VJBrisk.exe, which will merge the parameters "key" and "board" to launch VJSipSwitch with the parameters "keyboard".

In this way, you can keep many copies of VJBrisk in a folder, to redirect many different applications. 

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Release info: 
 v0.1  14.05.2006  Initial version
  • Command line redirection
  • Multiple versions per folder support
  • Complete re-write
  • Supports launching of any specified LNK or EXE
  • Supports merging of command line parameters
 12.03.2009 Fixes bug in 0.4 when VJBrisk is placed in the root folder
NOTE: Feel free to link to this or any of my pages anywhere you want, but please don't distribute the software directly. I need to keep track of releases and updates etc.

download Download the cab file

download Updated .exe for version 0.41 (install over 0.4, or use stand alone)